24. Aug 2023

Designing the wet area without seams: Ideas for bathtub & shower

From a functional wet room to a stylish living space - learn here how to design your wet area seamlessly!

From a functional wet room to a stylish living space: a seamless bathroom creates a modern and inviting atmosphere in any home. Instead of simply being a place for personal hygiene, this room encourages relaxation, enjoyment, and leisure. Say goodbye to mosaic tiles and unsightly grout lines – we offer you a variety of options for a tile-free bathroom

Learn how design ideas like exposed concrete, resin flooring, or decorative panels can be implemented and what costs are involved. Dive into the world of seamless bathroom design and let yourself be inspired by stylish and practical solutions.

A floor-level shower can particularly enhance the bathroom design in small bathrooms, such as a guest bathroom or bathrooms located inside.

Micro cement for your bathroom

Mineral fine plaster or filler, often referred to as micro cement, is highly popular in modern and industrially inspired interiors due to its exposed concrete-like appearance. This is a type of plaster that is applied in two layers and, once sealed, becomes completely waterproof. This makes it an ideal choice for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms

Another advantage: Micro cement can be applied to nearly any solid substrate and is available in a wide range of colors, typically including gray or natural tones.

Wet area with resin coating

Kunstharz is a seamless, low-maintenance, and durable option for the floor and wall design in the bathroom. This synthetic material is easy to clean, waterproof, and resistant. It can be applied to existing floor tiles with proper surface preparation, just like micro cement

Wallpaper in the bathroom

In the bathroom, wet room wallpapers can also be used as an alternative for a joint- and tile-free design. With the use of advanced non-woven backing wallpapers, it is now possible to incorporate wallpapers directly in the shower and wet area. A special seal makes the wallpaper water-resistant and watertight

It is also important to use a moisture-resistant wallpaper adhesive. Additionally, it is necessary to seal according to the currently valid sealing standards, even underneath the wallpaper. The greatest advantage of using wallpaper in the bathroom lies in its visual diversity. There is a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures available, enabling individual design for a modern bathroom. A wallpaper, in harmonious combination with a seamless surface, becomes the focal point for your bathroom.

Decorative panels as a unique focal point

An alternative to bathroom tiles are large-format decorative panels. These panels are available in various materials such as glass, acrylic, natural stone, or other natural materials, and provide a stylish alternative to traditional tile mirrors

The selection of decors is nearly limitless, and the plates can even be custom printed with your own photos. The combination with seamless wall and floor coverings is especially popular.

In conclusion, ideas for your bathroom

In summary, a seamless modern bathroom provides a contemporary and stylish alternative to conventional tiles. The different options like micro cement, synthetic resin, wet room wallpapers, decorative panels, and shower trays offer diverse design possibilities for a personalized and low-maintenance bathroom

Whether you are searching for decoration ideas for a spacious bathroom like a family bathroom or for a small bathroom such as a guest WC, various bathroom ideas can always be tailored to the wall color, bathroom furniture, accessories, and bathroom fixtures. This way, you can add coziness to the space and create your own wellness oasis. When planning and realizing your dream bathroom, it is advisable to rely on professional assistance from specialized companies like IBOD to achieve optimal results. At IBOD, we offer top-quality products and expertise in seamless bathroom design. Explore the world of seamless design and transform your new bathroom into a stylish haven.

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