24. Aug 2023

New construction with a seamless bathroom – what you need to consider

The construction of a bathroom with a seamless design offers exciting opportunities. In this article, we will explore what you need to consider when building a seamless bathroom

The construction of a new bathroom with seamless design offers exciting possibilities to create a modern and contemporary space. Seamless surfaces not only provide the bathroom with aesthetic elegance, but also offer practical benefits such as easy cleaning and maintenance

In this article, we will discuss what you should consider when constructing a seamless bathroom in order to achieve a harmonious and timeless design.

Why choose a seamless bathroom for a new construction?

A seamless bathroom in a new building offers a multitude of benefits. One crucial aspect is the easy maintenance of a seamless bath. With no joints, there is no need for laborious cleaning or constant removal of dirt and mould

Furthermore, a seamless bathroom enables a harmonious and uninterrupted design, which gives the room a modern and aesthetic look. When planning a bathroom, a seamless bathroom also provides great flexibility, as the materials are available in various colors and textures

A seamless bath is particularly advantageous in the shower area, as it provides a waterproof and hygienic solution. Choosing a seamless bath for a new building not only creates a stylish appearance, but also considers the practical aspects of easy cleaning and long-lasting durability.

Planning and design of the seamless bathroom

When planning and designing a seamless bathroom, there are several important aspects to consider. Firstly, it is crucial to define the individual needs and preferences in order to establish the desired appearance and style of the bathroom

There are various options available, including natural materials (such as our cement-lime-marble plaster, double Ambiente wall) or fillers with synthetic resin (such as double Ambiente Pro+), which provide a seamless and modern appearance. Special attention should be given to the wet area, which requires a waterproof, durable, and hygienic solution. We recommend using double Ambiente Pro+ in this case

Preparations in the new construction site

Before installing a seamless bathroom in the new construction, some preparations are necessary. Shower trays, bathtubs, fittings, and sanitary fixtures should be carefully selected and prepared to seamlessly integrate into the new bathroom

All necessary pipework for fittings and sanitary facilities is installed before the installation of seamless surfaces. Likewise, the shower tray, bathtub, or rail system for the glass of the shower wall are to be installed beforehand. The installation of shower, toilet, and washbasin faucets, furniture, toilets, sinks, and all bathroom accessories like towel racks only takes place once the area is accessible

In a small bathroom, it is crucial to optimize the available space and select the appropriate materials for a seamless bathroom in order to create a spacious impression. For bathrooms with limited lighting, seamless surfaces in light tones serve as a refreshing “enlarger”.

Proper Installation of the Seamless Bathroom

The proper installation of a seamless bathroom is crucial in order to achieve a long-lasting, beautiful, and functional result. An important step in this process is careful planning and the selection of the right materials, as well as expert waterproofing to prevent damage from moisture. Additionally, the sealing of the seamless surfaces, which ensures complete water resistance, is essential for protecting against dirt and wear

When it comes to installation, it is important to hire experienced craftsmen who have expertise in working with seamless materials. At IBOD, we have years of experience as a manufacturer and, together with our partner companies, we can assist you at every step in creating your dream bathroom.

To prevent any damage before completion of the project, it is important to protect the flooring with a breathable fleece. Decorative wall coatings should ideally only be started after the completion of the flooring, built-in furniture, etc.

Care and maintenance of the seamless floor

The care and maintenance of a seamless bath is relatively easy and straightforward. Thanks to the coatings or sealants, the surfaces are resistant to dirt and moisture. Typically, a damp microfiber cloth and clean, lukewarm water are enough for regular cleaning. For stubborn stains, it is recommended to use only mild, pH-neutral cleaning agents.

The Doppo Ambiente Pro+ is naturally waterproof and easy to clean due to its use in direct wet areas. However, to prevent limescale stains, we recommend rinsing the surface with cold water after showering and drying it with a microfiber cloth. The Doppo Ambiente wall is resistant to splashing water and can also be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth

Please refrain from using any abrasive or acidic cleaning products as they can damage the surface. By following the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures, the seamless bathroom will preserve its aesthetic and hygienic quality for many years.

Conclusion – New construction with a seamless bathroom

In summary, a seamless bathroom with a seamless shower is an outstanding choice for both new construction and bathroom renovations

Seamless surfaces offer a modern and aesthetically pleasing solution, especially for old tiles. Proper processing and sealing are essential to prevent moisture damage. The easy-care and water-resistant properties of a seamless bathroom make cleaning easier and ensure long-term durability

By selecting premium materials and collaborating with manufacturers like IBOD and their partners, a flawlessly executed seamless bathroom can be achieved. The straightforward upkeep and maintenance guarantee that the seamless bathroom will maintain its aesthetic quality over many years.

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