7. Aug 2023

Avoid these mistakes when it comes to seamless flooring in the living room

In this article, we will present to you 4 mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to a seamless floor in the living room. Learn more!

A seamless floor covering in the living room can give the space a modern and aesthetically appealing appearance. It creates the illusion of a larger and more open room and is also highly fashionable.

In this article, we will show you 4 errors that you should avoid in order to achieve the best possible result and minimize potential problems.

The lack of preparation of the substrate

Whether it’s a mineral filler floor or a pouring floor, a thorough preparation of the existing floor surfaces (such as concrete, screed, tiles, etc.) is a crucial step in installing a seamless floor covering made of materials like epoxy resin, Ciré concrete, or micro cement

Ensure that the floor is free from any loose debris, dust, grease, or oil, and that it is sufficiently strong and free from any localized issues. Additionally, check the levelness of the substrate to achieve the desired end result. Depending on the condition, the substrate can be prepared through methods such as shot blasting, granule blasting, milling, or coarse grinding

Fugenloser Boden im Wohnzimmer: Diese Fehler sollten Sie vermeiden

Furthermore, the substrate must meet the requirements of the respective standards and applicable guidelines in terms of readiness for installation. For normal cement screeds, the CM moisture must not exceed 3%. Concrete surfaces, cement-bonded hollow plank ceilings, and on-site poured ceilings must be at least 6 months old.

Choosing an inappropriate floor covering

Choosing the appropriate flooring for your home is crucial in order to achieve both an aesthetically pleasing and functional outcome. Take a look at various coatings and determine which option is best suited for your four walls. Consider factors such as the room’s style, the desired appearance, and the durability of the flooring, as well as the materials used in the product.

A seamless floor can have different requirements. Take factors such as frequency of use or the presence of underfloor heating into account. Ensure that the chosen flooring is suitable for these conditions in order to prevent future issues.

Experts like IBOD and their partners can assist you in selecting a suitable seamless floor for your living room and provide you with crucial information regarding the features of various floor coverings.

Improper installation technique and work

To achieve a technically and visually optimal floor, several steps are necessary. Each of these steps, from the preparatory work to the sealing, ultimately determines the final result and therefore requires precise implementation

The application of the material for a seamless floor requires precise pouring and/or excellent troweling technique, and it demands meticulous work during the finishing, application of the sealant, and also the necessary maintenance joints

All of these steps are necessary to achieve a high-quality end result. Accurate work is also crucial for wall design using mineral spackling compounds in a concrete look. We recommend reaching out to experienced companies like IBOD or other skilled craftsmen who have the expertise and experience in installing seamless floors.

Improper application can result in uneven surfaces or cracks, which can lead to additional material costs and diminish the final outcome. Neglecting certain steps can also result in adhesion problems, damages, or compromised durability of the floor

A seamless bathroom, in particular, requires careful waterproofing, installation, and sealing to prevent the infiltration of water and moisture in the wet area.

Maintenance and Care

A seamless floor is highly low-maintenance but it still requires regular cleaning and care to preserve its beauty and durability

Dust and dirt can be removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner. However, it is important to promptly remove stains such as coffee or wine to prevent them from seeping into the floor and causing unsightly marks.

To maintain the surface’s original beauty, it is recommended to take some preventive measures:

Clean entrance mats

The use of spacious entrance mats or dirt-trapping mats in the entrance area helps protect against dirt and moisture and enhances safety, especially in areas prone to slipping

Felt gliders

Attaching felt glides to chairs, table legs, sofas, armchairs, or large vases and shelves helps to protect the floor and prevent scratches. Remember to regularly replace the felt glides.

Underlay mats

To prevent prolonged moisture, it is recommended to place vases, food bowls, or similar items on an underlay mat. By elevating the food and water bowls slightly, air circulation is improved, aiding in better evaporation of water.

To prevent damage to the floor coating during cleaning, it is important to avoid using acidic and alkaline cleaning products. Prior to cleaning, remove any coarse dirt without scratching or scrubbing. We recommend using cleaning products specifically designed for IBOD floors, as they are perfectly suited to the needs of seamless floors

In case of major damages caused by strong impacts, heat, or chemicals, they can usually be professionally corrected. For this matter, please reach out to your contractor or to IBOD Wand & Boden

Avoiding Mistakes – with IBOD

Seamless trowel floor, pouring floor, micro cement in concrete look or terrazzo – choosing a seamless floor for your living spaces as well as outdoors is an outstanding opportunity to create an aesthetically appealing and practical room concept. There are no limits to the individual floor design.

Fehler vermeiden – mit IBOD

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your seamless floor is showcased optimally in both interior and exterior spaces and fully maximizes its benefits. At IBOD, we are here to support you every step of the way – from selecting the flooring material to installation and maintenance.

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