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How sensitive is seamless flooring?

The sensitivity of a floor is crucial, especially in households with children or pets. In this article, we will examine the durability of a seamless floor.

A seamless floor offers exceptional advantages in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. Thanks to its sealing and proper care, the floor often retains its original beauty for many years. If any minor surface damage should occur, it can usually be effortlessly and promptly repaired.

Benefits of seamless flooring

A seamless floor not only stands out with its seamless appearance, but also boasts a variety of other advantageous characteristics. Thanks to the appropriate material and numerous design possibilities, seamless floors can beautifully enhance the interior.

Currently, casting floors and jointless filler floors (such as Doppo Ambiente, Beton Ciré) with special filler technology are particularly popular. Additionally, this type of flooring is easy to maintain and allows for quick and effortless cleaning. Moreover, the seamless nature of these floors makes them perfectly suitable for use with underfloor heating, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the living spaces.

Sensitivity of seamless floors to loads

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By using the high-quality 2-component epoxy resin coating, the floor gains outstanding durability and exceptional resilience. Therefore, seamless EP floors are particularly suitable for areas that require the highest levels of mechanical and chemical stability.

Seamless floors based on cement (Doppo Ambiente, Doppo Ambiente Gussterrazzo) are designed for light to medium loads, making them ideal for private residences, offices, shops, and public facilities such as schools and entrance halls

Furthermore, the easy cleaning and resistance to fuels, lubricants, as well as most solvents and chemicals, enable worry-free usage

How susceptible is a seamless floor to moisture?

In wet areas such as the bathroom, reliable waterproofing and proper and professional processing are of crucial importance. Depending on the substrate, up to 6 work steps may be necessary. Therefore, the floor in the seamless bathroom requires skilled processing to create a moisture-resistant and water-repellent surface.

Thorough preparation of the subfloor also plays a crucial role in ensuring an effective sealing of the floor. This is where you can benefit from the extensive expertise of experienced craftsmanship companies like IBOD

Tips for caring for seamless floors

Proper floor maintenance and cleaning are crucial for preserving the beauty, functionality, and durability of the seamless floor

Dust and dirt can be removed with a broom or vacuum cleaner. However, it is important to promptly clean up spills like coffee or wine to prevent them from seeping into the floor and causing unsightly stains.

To maintain the surface’s original beauty, it is recommended to take some preventive measures:

Clean entrance mats

The use of generously sized clean walkways or dirt-catching mats in the entrance area protects against dirt and moisture and enhances safety, for example, by reducing the risk of slipping

Felt gliders

Attaching felt gliders to chairs, table legs, sofas, armchairs, or large vases and shelves helps to protect the floor and prevent scratches. Don’t forget to regularly replace the felt gliders.

Underlay mats

To prevent persistent moisture, it is recommended to place vases, food bowls, or similar items on an underlay mat. Additionally, elevating the food and water bowls allows for better air circulation and water evaporation.

Rotating chair

For long-lasting protection against damage to the topcoat, we recommend using swivel chairs with chair castors Type W. Additionally, we suggest using transparent polycarbonate protective mats as an underlay.

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Pros and cons of seamless flooring compared to other types of floor coverings

In contrast to floor design with joints, a seamless floor exudes a minimalist elegance and imparts a pleasant atmosphere to both the interior and exterior. Thanks to its seamless appearance, a seamless floor creates an illusion of spaciousness in rooms and emanates a sense of tranquility

Seamless floors offer a wide range of materials and finishes. From floors with a concrete look or a polished concrete look to cast terrazzo – the options are abundant. When combined with an attractive wall design, you can create a truly unique highlight.

The installation and material costs for jointless floors can be higher compared to traditional floor coverings. However, due to their durability and timeless elegance, they are a worthwhile long-term investment. Additionally, prices for these types of floor coverings vary, ensuring that there is an option available for every budget.

Furthermore, joints are true breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria. Cleaning these floor surfaces thoroughly is often laborious and time-consuming. However, with seamless floors that have a high-quality sealing, this task is eliminated

Seamless floor coverings: Trends and Innovations

Seamless floor coverings are absolutely on trend for good reason. With their wide range of materials – such as concrete optics, cast terrazzo, exposed screed, or micro cement – they allow for a completely new design of residential, commercial, and utility spaces.

Thanks to its seamless and even surface, the room creates a harmonious and uninterrupted space, free from any distracting joints. Additionally, special spatula techniques allow for the creation of unique custom floors, bearing the personal touch of the craftsman.
In our showroom, you have the opportunity to closely examine the precise executions and materials of IBOD’s seamless floors. We are also available to provide guidance and assist you in making the optimal choices regarding materials, colors, and design elements.

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