8. Aug 2023

Overview of materials for seamless flooring

In this blog post, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the various materials used for seamless flooring. Keep reading to learn more!

As a craftsman, you are well aware of the wide range of flooring options that can be used in various residential and commercial spaces. One of the most popular trends in floor design is the use of seamless flooring, which is highly favored for both indoor and outdoor areas.

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In this blog post, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the various materials used for seamless flooring. We will also introduce IBOD’s mineral floor coverings and their services. These products have been specifically designed for craftsmen and impress homeowners with their exceptional design.

Types of seamless flooring

Smooth floor

Scraper floors are an excellent choice for seamless floor coverings. They are characterized by their flawless surface and high durability

With trowel floors, you can create a sleek, contemporary, and low-maintenance flooring solution for various applications. IBOD offers a wide range of high-quality trowel floor products that are known for their ease of installation.

Liquid floor

Casting floors are another highly suitable option for seamless floor design. As a craftsman, you will appreciate this application of casting floors, as they can be poured in liquid form onto the substrate and then smoothly processed. This makes them highly effective for working on larger surfaces

Casting floors provide a seamless and resilient surface that is suitable for various rooms and applications. IBOD offers customized solutions that meet the needs of craftsmen and end consumers.

IBOD tip: Our doppo Ambiente floor is pumpable, making it the perfect floor covering for large areas.

Stone Carpet

Stone carpets are an appealing solution for seamless floor design in outdoor areas. They offer great versatility as they come in various colors and grain sizes

Stone carpet on walls, floors, and stairs. RHO Coating

What types of seamless floor coverings are available

There are numerous options for seamless floor coverings that provide a sleek and contemporary appearance. Seamless floors are also referred to as industrial floors or concrete floors. Here are some of the popular examples:

  • Doppo Floor
  • Beton Ciré
  • Micro cement floor
  • Industrial floor
  • Polished screed
  • Concrete-look flooring
  • Concrete floor
  • Terrazzo floor
  • Epoxy floor
  • Vinyl liquid floor

These floor coverings each offer their own unique characteristics, benefits, and applications. Whether you are looking for an industrial aesthetic, an elegant concrete appearance, or a durable floor, there are a wide range of seamless flooring options that can meet your needs

I recommend familiarizing yourself with the specific characteristics and application options of the various floor coverings to make the best choice for your project. Ideally, you should directly consult with IBOD as the manufacturer or our partners, as this will allow for a detailed discussion of your specific needs and requirements

IBOD’s seamless floor systems in detail

Our floor systems are based on a special cement and special filler-based filling compound, which is customized to the customer’s color preferences. Through the two different installation methods, pouring and filling, unique and distinct accents are created on the surface, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that allows for individuality, thanks to the personal touch of the installer.

With its seamless, cloudy appearance, it creates a timeless industrial elegance that gives the illusion of larger rooms. Moreover, IBOD’s mineral floor coverings are low in emissions, making them well-suited for underfloor heating installations. They are also an excellent choice for renovations, as they eliminate the need for laborious tile removal.

All IBOD floor systems share the following characteristics:

  • Our systems are delivered ready for construction, including a bag of color pigment with each unit of white goods
  • are developed with great passion and expertise, and are continuously improved
  • efficient processing
  • highest quality of raw materials
  • Seamless (expansion joints need to be incorporated)
  • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface when the substrate is properly prepared
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Colour customization
  • are suitable for underfloor heating

At IBOD, there are 5 different product variants available that are specifically designed for various application areas and have distinct visual differences from each other:

doppo Ambiente Boden: The doppo Ambiente Boden is a special cement-bound, plastic-modified, self-leveling filler that sets quickly. The material is poured and is self-venting, eliminating the need for spiked rollers. This design flooring features a subtle cloudy design and is suitable for indoor areas with light to medium loads, such as private spaces, showrooms, and offices. It is particularly recommended for large areas as the material can be easily pumped for efficient installation. 


▪ high initial hardness and long-lasting surface durability

▪ moisture-resistant

▪ the product has very low emissions (GEV Emicode EC1)

▪ not flammable – fire resistance class A1fl

▪ Meets the building regulatory requirements according to AgBB and the DIBt principles for the assessment of indoor environments (occupied spaces)

▪ Meets the requirements for indoor VOC limits in Belgium

▪ Meets the requirements for indoor VOC limits, as well as the criteria of the KMR regulation for France. It has been tested and classified as Class A+

doppo Ambiente Boden solido: The doppo Ambiente Boden solido is a special cement-bound, plastic-modified thin-film filler. It is specifically designed for interior design flooring and offers an elegant and lively surface look that embodies the unique craftsmanship of the installer. This flooring option is suitable for various settings including residential areas, offices, gastronomy, and commercial spaces.


  • The product has very low emissions (GEV Emicode EC1)
  • non-combustible – fire rating class A1fl
  • 2 – 5 mm in one application
  • moisture-resistant
  • completely tension-free
  • high initial hardness and long-lasting durability of the surface

doppo Ambiente Pro+: This product is suitable for wall and floor coverings in both dry and wet areas, providing seamless and highly durable surfaces. The filler, which is bonded with synthetic resin, is elastic, low in tension, and exceptionally resistant, making it ideal for households with pets.


  • The product has very low emissions (GEV Emicode EC1 plus)
  • highly fire-resistant – fire class BFL-s1
  • AgBB approved
  • Shore-D hardness 80
  • Abrasion according to Böhme A7
  • moisture-resistant
  • waterproof
  • high initial hardness and long-lasting durability of the surface

doppo Ambiente Pro+SN: This variant also provides seamless, high-strength floor surfaces and is suitable for demanding areas, particularly for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, entrance areas, or areas with high foot traffic. It has a subtly textured surface, offers slip resistance, and is pet-friendly.

doppo Ambiente pro+SN


  • The product has very low emissions (GEV Emicode EC1 plus)
  • highly fire-resistant – fire class BFL-s1
  • AgBB approved
  • Shore-D hardness 80
  • Abrasion according to Böhme A7
  • moisture-resistant
  • waterproof
  • high initial hardness and long-lasting durability of the surface

doppo Ambiente Gussterrazzo: This mineral floor covering is highly durable and has a timeless beauty. It is the perfect choice for prestigious areas, public facilities, exhibition spaces, schools, museums, food markets, reception halls, as well as private living spaces and the hotel and catering industry. Experience the excellence of our various formulations.


  • excellent processing characteristics
  • non-combustible – fire rating class A1fl
  • moisture-resistant
  • quickly usable
  • extremely high durability
  • highly cost-effective

All of these products are seamless, low-emission, and suitable for underfloor heating. They provide a wide range of individual design possibilities and are available in a diverse selection of colors

The products are low-maintenance and provide excellent adhesion to all cement-based surfaces. They can be walked on after approximately 6 hours at a temperature of around 20°C.

IBOD tip: We offer professional and perfectly equipped sample boxes for all our products, so you can see them and be captivated by their quality.

Why craftsmen should choose IBOD products: Craftsmen should choose IBOD products for several reasons. Firstly, IBOD has a long-standing reputation for quality and commitment in the industry. As a manufacturer of premium floor coverings, IBOD offers a wide range of innovative and reliable solutions for craftsmen. Secondly, IBOD products are specifically designed to meet the needs of craftsmen. They are easy to work with and provide excellent results. Whether it’s spachtel flooring, gießboden, or steinteppich, IBOD offers products that are seamless, durable, and suitable for various applications. Furthermore, IBOD products offer numerous benefits. They have a seamless surface that creates a modern and aesthetically pleasing look. They are also easy to maintain, as there are no joints or crevices where dirt can accumulate. Additionally, IBOD products are compatible with underfloor heating systems and are ideal for renovations, as they can be installed without the need to remove existing tiles. In conclusion, by choosing IBOD products, craftsmen can rely on high-quality and innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. With IBOD, they can achieve impressive results in their flooring projects

As a craftsman, you have high standards for the materials you use. That’s why IBOD offers products that have been developed with the utmost attention to processability. With our diverse range of systems and products for substrate preparation, we have everything you need. Craftsmen benefit from having a reliable partner with extensive expertise and products that are tailored to their specific needs.

IBOD’s seamless floor systems and coatings are known for their versatility, durability, and ability to be customized according to individual design preferences. Furthermore, all of IBOD’s products are proudly made in Austria.

Choose IBOD products to achieve impressive results in your flooring projects.

Substrate preparation

Proper preparation of the substrate is crucial for the longevity and quality of the seamless floor covering. Before applying the floor covering, specific steps need to be taken to prepare the substrate.

IBOD offers specialized products for subsurface preparation to provide craftsmen with an optimal foundation for the installation of seamless floors.

Application techniques and processing

Processing of putty floors

As a craftsman, it is important to ensure that the application of filler floors is done correctly in order to achieve optimal results. IBOD offers support and training for the proper use of filler floors. Discover the necessary tools and materials and receive practical tips and tricks for effectively working with IBOD’s products.

Processing of poured floors

Casting floors require specific processing techniques to achieve a uniform and high-quality surface. You can receive direct support from IBOD for the processing of casting floors.

We will guide you on the necessary equipment and techniques needed for a successful installation of poured floors, and provide you with practical advice from the experts at IBOD.

IBOD tip: Sign up for one of our training courses right away!

Surface treatment and maintenance

After the installation of a seamless floor covering, it is important to apply the appropriate surface treatment to ensure its durability and maintain its aesthetics. IBOD offers a range of high-quality cleaning and care products that are specifically designed for seamless floor coverings. Learn how to correctly treat the surface and receive care instructions to preserve the floor covering in the long term.

Color tones and design options

The selection of the correct color tone and design is crucial for creating an attractive seamless floor covering. IBOD provides a wide range of color tones and design options to cater to the individual preferences and requirements of customers.

Areas of Application

Seamless floors are increasingly popular. Due to their versatility, they can be installed in various locations, ensuring a unique and stylish appearance.

Seamless floor coverings are especially popular in residential areas. With IBOD’s high-quality products, you can create attractive and long-lasting flooring solutions for your living spaces.

However, in wet areas such as the bathroom, seamless floors are an excellent choice. Slip resistance, accessibility, and enhanced hygiene are crucial factors to consider when selecting a flooring option for the bathroom.

Jointless floor coverings are also perfect for public areas that experience high levels of foot traffic. The choice of the system and the proper sealing are crucial in these cases. Allow us to provide you with expert advice and guidance!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What materials are best suited for seamless floor coverings?

There are several material options that are suitable for seamless floor coverings. Each material has its own characteristics and advantages, which can vary depending on individual requirements and preferences. One of the most popular materials is definitely microcement. IBOD offers a wide range of materials for seamless floor coverings to meet the needs of craftsmen and end consumers.

What advantages do seamless floor coverings offer compared to conventional floor coverings?

Seamless floor coverings offer a multitude of advantages compared to traditional flooring options. They are distinguished by their seamless surface, creating a modern and visually appealing look. Additionally, seamless floor coverings are easy to maintain since they don’t have any joints or crevices where dirt can accumulate. They are durable and resilient, capable of withstanding heavy use. Furthermore, they provide the opportunity for personalized design and can be used in various applications.

Are there any specific techniques to make seamless floor coverings more durable?

Yes, there are specific techniques to make seamless floor coverings more durable. An important aspect is the proper preparation of the substrate to create a solid foundation for installation. Careful craftsmanship is also crucial. By using high-quality products and employing appropriate application techniques, craftsmen can achieve a long-lasting and resilient surface. To maintain the surface’s original beauty, it is recommended to take preventive measures and to properly clean and care for it. IBOD offers specialized cleaning and care products that enhance the durability and resistance of seamless floor coverings.

How long does the installation of a seamless floor covering take?

The duration of the installation of a seamless flooring depends on various factors, such as the size of the room, the type of flooring system, and the experience of the craftsman. Generally, installing a seamless floor covering takes slightly more time than installing conventional floor coverings. It involves multiple steps including substrate preparation, application of the material, drying times, and sealing. For an accurate time estimate, it is recommended to conduct a detailed analysis of the project and consult with a specialist.

What care instructions should be followed for seamless floor coverings?

Seamless flooring requires proper care to maintain its longevity and aesthetics. It is recommended to clean regularly to remove dirt and dust. When cleaning, use mild cleaning agents and avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the surface. Additionally, make sure to promptly wipe up any spilled liquids to prevent staining. If needed, the surface can be resealed or refreshed. For detailed care instructions, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and IBOD’s recommendations.

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8. Aug 2023

Overview of materials for seamless flooring

In this blog post, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the various materials used for seamless flooring. Keep reading to learn more!

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