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What material is Terrazzo made of?

What material is Terrazzo made of? How is this popular floor manufactured? Find out in this article!

Terrazzo is a versatile and captivating flooring material that evokes enthusiasm. It has established itself as a durable and visually appealing option in the realm of floor coverings. Terrazzo is composed of a blend of marble stones and other elements such as glass, which are incorporated into a binder. The outcome is a distinctive terrazzo floor that offers a wide array of colors and patterns

There are practically no limits to the design possibilities, from traditional to modern designs. Terrazzo is manufactured by pouring, compacting, grinding, and polishing to achieve a smooth and glossy surface

Furthermore, Terrazzo is a sustainable choice because it allows for the use of recycled materials, and its long-lasting durability and resistance make it a worthwhile long-term investment.

Terrazzo Composition

Terrazzo is made up of a composition that gives it its unique character. The main material of Terrazzo is composed of mixtures of stones such as marble chips or natural stones.

This marble or natural stone chip is optionally mixed with various additives to give the terrazzo an individual touch. In the production of terrazzo, the chip is then bonded with a binder. Traditionally, cement was used for this, which provides terrazzo with stability and durability

In addition, alternative binders such as epoxy resin can also be used in other variants. The combination of natural stone, aggregates, and binder makes Terrazzo a durable and resilient flooring option that can be utilized in various spaces

The composition allows for a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, enabling the creation of personalized and distinctive floor designs.

Terrazzoboden in EIngangshalle

The application of Terrazzo

The application (or installation) of Terrazzo is done in several steps to achieve the characteristic look. First, the mixture of grits, binders, and aggregates is prepared. Then, this mixture is poured and compacted on site onto the solid substrate, such as screed, to ensure a uniform surface. The thickness of the layer can be adjusted according to individual preferences. For our cement-bound double Ambiente cast Terrazzo, a minimum height of 10 mm is required.

After curing, the terrazzo is sanded and polished to achieve the shine and smoothness that are characteristic of terrazzo. Terrazzo is also highly compatible with underfloor heating, offering additional comfort

Applying terrazzo or terrazzo panels requires expertise, craftsmanship, and the use of appropriate tools and equipment to achieve a high-quality end result. At IBOD, we are more than willing to assist you with this process!

Terrazzo as a sustainable choice

Terrazzo is not only aesthetically appealing, but also a sustainable choice. The seamless design of Terrazzo greatly facilitates cleaning. Terrazzo floors are durable and resistant, leading to a long lifespan and resource conservation. Moreover, recycled materials can be used in its production

Terrazzo is a natural and eco-friendly flooring option that is ideal for residential areas, as well as offices, commercial spaces, and outdoor areas. With its extensive range of colors and patterns, Terrazzo also allows for the integration of creative and personalized decorative elements into the space

Builders who prioritize sustainability can opt for Terrazzo as an eco-friendly and elegant solution for their flooring.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Terrazzo is a fascinating and timeless floor covering that has a rich history dating back to ancient Venice

Terrazzo offers a wide range of colors, pattern options, and unique designs that give character to any room. As a sustainable choice, Terrazzo is known for its longevity, resilience, and easy maintenance. The seamless design allows for a seamless appearance and simplifies cleaning

By choosing Terrazzo as your flooring, you can establish a connection to the past while simultaneously creating a modern and stylish solution for your spaces. Terrazzo continues to be a popular choice among discerning builders and renovators who seek a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing floor covering.

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