2. Nov 2023

Is precious plaster suitable for public facilities and gastronomy?

It is also appreciated in highly frequented areas such as the gastronomy and looks stunning - the premium plaster! Find out more about it here!

Precious plaster has gained popularity in recent years and can now be found not only in private homes. But how does this surface hold up in highly frequented environments, such as public institutions and catering establishments? In these areas, both appealing aesthetics and functionality and longevity are of crucial importance

Here at IBOD, we thoroughly investigate the advantages, applications, and unique challenges that come with using precious plaster in public spaces. Let’s work together to determine if precious plaster is truly the ideal choice for your next project!

Precious plaster under scrutiny: What exactly is it?

Precious plaster, also known as the “make-up” for walls, is the topmost and visible layer that stands out for its unique possibilities – ranging from delicate textures and natural colors to coarse-grained and attention-grabbing surfaces. With its modern and urban appearance, precious plaster is highly versatile and can be used effectively in various spaces. Additionally, these coatings, mostly made of lime cement, are exceptionally robust and long-lasting, lending an elegant and high-quality aesthetic to any room

The precious plaster is made from a combination of binders, aggregates, and color pigments, allowing it to be processed using various techniques to achieve individual surface effects. It is suitable for both new constructions and renovations and can be protected in each specific area with a natural impregnation or a specialized, highly durable 2K seal. Additionally, depending on your preference, the surface can also be enhanced with various glazes and pastes

Advantages of doppo Ambiente Wand summarized:

  • natural and environmentally friendly
  • regulates the room climate
  • endless design possibilities
  • captivating color effects achieved through the use of glazes and pastes
  • low maintenance
  • highly low emissions – EC1 plus
  • highly suitable for renovations

The benefits of fine plaster in public institutions

In today’s times, where individuality and precision are at the forefront of interior design, high-quality plasters provide an excellent opportunity to showcase rooms in their finest form.

The benefits of fine plaster in public institutions

In public facilities, where many people are on the move every day and rooms are subject to high levels of use, the wall design must be visually appealing, as well as robust and durable. Wall coatings with precious plaster are usually textured and combined with additives, which gives the wall surface a dynamic quality and makes it forgiving when it comes to the visibility of small blemishes, scratches or other marks. Not only does it create an atmosphere of elegance and high quality with its lively surface, but it also proves to be resistant to wear and tear and minor damage

Thanks to the material or the protection provided by oil-based or polyurethane-based impregnations, it can also better withstand dirt and stains, making cleaning easier and keeping the surface looking beautiful for a longer period of time. Furthermore, fine plaster offers the opportunity to positively influence the acoustic and climatic properties of the room, such as sound absorption and regulation of room humidity. Its versatility in design and functionality makes fine plaster an ideal choice for places such as schools, offices, hospitals, and other public facilities that require both aesthetics and practicality.

Creating a Stylish Ambience with Fine Plaster in the Gastronomy Industry

The catering industry thrives not only on excellent food and service, but also on an ambiance that enchants guests and invites them to linger. Fine plaster proves to be a valuable ally in creating such an atmosphere. With its delicate, natural texture and the ability to achieve a variety of surface effects, it provides the perfect backdrop for a stylish and cozy restaurant, café, or bistro interior

But it’s not only about the appearance: in a busy gastronomy establishment, where accidents like spilled liquids are inevitable, fine plaster also demonstrates its practical side. It is easy to clean and resistant to stains, making maintenance and care simpler. Moreover, thanks to its breathable properties, it helps maintain a pleasant room climate by regulating moisture – an aspect that is especially important in kitchens and dining areas.

The Familien Natur Resort Moar Gut in Großarl also relied on the design and functionality of IBOD solutions for their recent hotel renovation: “We chose the doppo Ambiente filler for some of our areas, as the walls in a family hotel are subject to heavy use. This type of filler is highly durable and looks stunning.”

Application and Processing: The Expertise of IBOD

The art of applying and processing fine plaster masterfully requires both expertise and craftsmanship. IBOD brings decades of experience and expertise in this field. By employing specialized tools and techniques, we ensure that every project is of the utmost quality and durability

We confidently overcome the special challenges that can arise during the processing of fine plaster. Our comprehensive knowledge of materials, techniques, and current trends makes us a trusted partner for those seeking top-notch wall solutions.

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