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What options are available for wall surfaces?

They not only define the structure, but they also have an impact on the atmosphere of a room - our four walls! Discover the various options available for wall design!

Walls are more than just structural elements of a building; they are canvases that shape the character and ambiance of a room. Over time, the techniques and materials for designing wall surfaces have undergone significant advancements, resulting in an impressive array of possibilities available today

From traditional plastering techniques to modern coatings to innovative solutions that combine sustainability and aesthetics – the range of options is extensive. In this article, we would like to present the diverse possibilities for wall surfaces and demonstrate how they can transform and enhance a room.

Basics of Wall Coatings

Wall coatings are more than just decorative elements; they are essential for protecting, ensuring durability, and enhancing the aesthetics of walls. They are composed of various materials, each with its own unique advantages and properties. While traditional plaster often consists of mineral components like lime or cement, there are also coatings that are based on synthetic resins or other synthetic materials. These coatings can fulfill specific requirements, whether it be in terms of moisture resistance, elasticity, or color brilliance

The choice of the right wall coating depends on various factors, including the intended purpose, the desired appearance, and the specific conditions of the room.

Mineral coatings

Mineral coatings are highly esteemed in the construction and renovation industry, particularly due to their natural composition and the associated ecological and health advantages. These coatings primarily consist of natural materials such as lime, cement, or clay. They not only allow for breathability, which aids in regulating the indoor climate, but they also regulate moisture and help prevent the formation of mold

Aesthetically, they offer a matte, earthy surface that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in both traditional and modern interiors. Additionally, they are more durable and less prone to wear or damage. The lively structure of IBOD’s mineral coating makes it very forgiving, as it helps conceal small mishaps, scratches, or traces of suitcases, etc. In an era where sustainability and naturalness are gaining increasing importance, mineral coatings are an excellent choice for builders and renovators who prioritize quality, environmental friendliness, and aesthetics. Another advantage is their fast drying time, which can accelerate construction and renovation processes

Mineral surfaces in low-stress areas of residential spaces are best sealed with our natural doppo oil impregnation. This treatment provides protection and allows for easy cleaning. However, surfaces located behind sinks, stoves, and similar areas are subject to more frequent cleaning and should be protected with our doppo finish sealant. This sealant forms an exceptionally durable protective film.

For surfaces in the shower, we offer mineral coatings like our doppo Ambiente Pro+. These coatings are specifically designed for wet rooms and direct water contact. They are waterproof and moisture-resistant, preventing the formation of mold, discoloration, chipping, or deformation, among other issues

Unique surface

Each wall receives a distinctive appearance through the craftsmanship of the artisan. This is how true works of art are created. It is particularly well suited for use in kitchens, bathrooms, spa areas, or for the design of ovens


For added elegance

Enhanced with various effect oils and pastes, unique accents with stunning surface effects are created, allowing the underlying color of the spatula technique to shimmer through. The appearance varies depending on the viewing angle, particularly enhanced by the natural play of light.

Resin Coatings

Resin coatings are a versatile option for high-stress wall surfaces. They are based on synthetic resins that provide them with specific properties and advantages. This type of coating stands out for its high elasticity and resistance to abrasion, making it highly durable against mechanical and chemical influences, as well as against climatic conditions such as smog, microorganisms, and salts

Moreover, Kunstharzbeschichtungen offer stunning color brilliance and can be produced in a wide range of shades and effects, ranging from glossy to matte. Additionally, they are typically water-resistant, making them an excellent choice for spaces that experience high levels of usage or have specific requirements, such as bathrooms or garages and basements.

Coatings for outdoor areas

There are also wall coatings that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Our doppo Mediterranean wash plaster can be creatively customized due to its unique formula. It is UV and weather resistant, and it transforms your wall into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reflecting the artisan’s personal touch – regardless of whether it is applied inside or outside.

Special coatings

In addition to conventional (mineral or resin-bonded) wall coatings, there are also specialized coatings that have been specifically developed for certain applications or requirements. These coatings are often the result of technological innovations and provide solutions for unique challenges

Soundproofing coatings can be used in rooms where noise reduction is important, such as office buildings or music studios. Additionally, there are fire protection coatings available that prevent the spread of flames, enhancing the safety of buildings.

Practical tips for selecting the appropriate coating

Selecting the appropriate wall coating can be a daunting task considering the multitude of options available. It begins with determining the intended purpose: Is it for a wet room, a living area, or perhaps a high-traffic area with heavy usage? The answers to these questions can greatly narrow down the selection process

Moreover, it is crucial to consider the budget, always prioritizing a good price-performance ratio. Aesthetic preferences also play a decisive role, including factors such as color tone, texture, and the desired final finish. It can be helpful to examine samples or references to gain a better understanding of the end result and the unique craftsmanship involved in the process

Furthermore, it is important to always adhere to the recommendations and technical data sheets provided by the manufacturers and seek expert advice if you have any uncertainties. A well-chosen wall coating, coupled with proper maintenance, can not only enhance the appearance of the room but also increase its value and functionality.

The Future of Wall Coatings at IBOD

At IBOD, innovation and progress in the field of wall coatings are always at the forefront. With decades of experience in manufacturing and processing fillers for seamless coatings, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. Through continuous research and development, we explore new techniques and materials to create environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and visually appealing products

A special focus is placed on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that address the current ecological challenges. IBOD is committed to becoming a recognized industry leader in the field of seamless wall and floor coatings in the coming years by offering products that set benchmarks in terms of both quality and sustainability. For builders, renovators, architects, and craftsmen, this means having a trustworthy partner in IBOD who will guide them into the future of wall and floor design.

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