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What types of wall coverings are available?

We will show you the different types of wall coverings, including traditional ones like wallpaper and wood panelling, as well as modern options such as mineral wall coatings and acoustic panels

Wall coverings or wall surfaces have an impact not only on the appearance, but also on the atmosphere and functionality of a room. Here, you will explore the timeless elegance of traditional wall claddings, the creative diversity of modern materials and techniques, as well as a glimpse into the future of wall design.

Traditional wall coverings: Timeless elegance

Traditional wall coverings hold a steady position in wall design. These timeless options exude a classic elegance and have been appreciated for generations

Wallpapers provide a wide range of designs, from subtle to extravagant, and add a distinct flair to rooms

Paint coatings are a reliable method to personalize walls according to individual taste and imbue a room with unique atmospheres

Wood cladding adds a touch of natural warmth and texture to interior spaces, creating a cozy atmosphere

For wet rooms, tiles are the classic choice because they are not only highly durable and functional, but also offer a wide range of styles and colors

The timeless elegance of these traditional wall coverings combines aesthetics with functionality and provides a tried and true foundation for room decoration and design.

Modern wall coverings: Creative diversity

In this section, we will explore the world of modern wall coverings that allow for the realization of artistic visions, the optimization of sound quality, or the introduction of shine into the space.

Mineral wall coatings

Mineral wall coatings, such as our doppo Ambiente Wall or our doppo Waschputz Mediterran, are composed of natural components like lime or cement and provide numerous benefits. They are not only highly durable and resilient, but also breathable, allowing them to absorb and release moisture from the air

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This makes them particularly suitable for indoor spaces, as they can contribute to regulating the indoor climate. Mineral wall coatings are also environmentally friendly and sustainable, as they use natural raw materials and are free from harmful chemicals. Their versatile texture allows for achieving interesting surface effects, ranging from smooth and modern to rustic and traditional. With mineral wall coatings, builders and renovators can make not only aesthetic, but also ecological statements, while simultaneously benefiting from the functional advantages. Mineral wall coatings are durable and versatile, making them perfect not only for private use, but also for public areas, gastronomy, and the hotel industry

Acoustic panels

The acoustics in a room play a crucial role in well-being. Acoustic panels are currently very popular and an innovative solution to enhance sound quality and improve room acoustics, without compromising on aesthetic requirements. These elements are specifically designed to absorb sound and reduce reverberation. As a result, they minimize disruptive noises and optimize room acoustics, which is particularly beneficial in offices, restaurants, conference rooms, or living spaces

Acoustic panels are available in various designs, colors, and materials (wood, felt, fabrics, PVC), making them both functional and aesthetically appealing. They can be used as stylish wall decorations or seamlessly integrated into the overall room design.

Additional modern wall coverings

Both metallic surfaces and glass fibre and textile wallpapers are additional trends in modern wall design. Metallic surfaces provide rooms with a hint of luxury, shine, and glamour. These wall coverings are made from various metals such as aluminium, copper, or stainless steel and are presented in a range of processing techniques. The diversity extends from smooth, polished surfaces to textured or weathered looks.

Fiberglass and textile wallpapers are wall coverings that are gaining popularity due to their unique properties and versatile design possibilities. These wall coverings are made from interwoven glass fibers or textile materials. They are highly durable and resistant to damage and wear. Additionally, the structure of fiberglass and textile wallpapers allows them to effectively cover small cracks or unevenness in the wall, making them an ideal solution for renovation projects.

Innovative Technologies: The Future of Wall Design

The future of wall design will be shaped by innovative technologies that open up previously unimaginable possibilities. The use of digital printing on wall coverings enables the creation of unique works of art that can tell complete stories or convey specific moods. Living plant walls merge nature and design by bringing green life into indoor spaces. 3D printing and material innovations provide limitless opportunities for creative design, allowing for experimentation with various shapes and structures. The future of wall design will be defined by a harmonious combination of aesthetics, technology, and functionality.

Secondhand and Upcycling

Second-hand materials and upcycling are sustainable approaches to wall design that not only conserve the environment, but also provide creative design opportunities. With the second-hand concept, existing materials such as old wooden planks or vintage wallpapers are incorporated into the room design. This imparts a unique charm to the spaces and often tells stories from the past

Upcycling takes it a step further by giving new life to old objects and materials. For instance, old window shutters can be repurposed into decorative wall coverings, or used pallets can find use as rustic wall shelves. These approaches demonstrate that sustainability and creativity can work together to design spaces in a unique and resource-efficient manner.

Choosing the perfect wall covering: Tips & Tricks from IBOD

Making the decision for the perfect wall covering is not always easy, as it depends on various factors. Conducting a thorough spatial analysis and being aware of your individual style is the first step, while choosing the right material in terms of quality and function is of utmost importance. However, it is the combination of different materials and elements that truly determines a cozy atmosphere. With IBOD’s extensive expertise, you can rest assured that your wall design will be a resounding success, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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